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About me

I am Dr. Mohammad Motaweh, I am 57 years old, I graduated from the medical school in Cairo in 1972, and since then practicing medicine nonstop.

I have the following qualifications: a Bachelor of Medicine and surgery 1972, Diploma of Internal Medicine 1975, Master of Cardiology 1977, and Doctorate of Cardiology 1984.

Currently I am working as Specialist Cardiologist in Belhoul European Hospital and still registered as a Professor of Cardiology in Al-Azhar University.

I have gained my experience from working in the university hospitals of Al-Azhar University Cairo, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

My areas of interest are general cardiology and non-invasive cardiology, mainly echocardiography and nuclear cardiology

Dr. Mohammad Motaweh
Specialist Cardiologist