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Our aim is to provide comprehensive medical services to individuals with latest medical facilities...

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Belhoul European Hospital was established in 1996. Over the last years, the hospital services have been developed by adopting special concepts in providing the medical services.
The main concept is the comprehensive medical services where the hospital provides most of the specialized services through 19 clinics and units, laparoscopic surgery proceeding in operating theatre, which are designed and equipped to function according to the latest international specification in addition to the diagnostic services provided by Laboratory and Radiology departments.
The concept of the integration in the provision of medical services has been realized by a team of doctors from around the globe, who are highly qualified in their given specialty, and supported by advanced medical equipment.

The third concept is the unique location where the hospital is located in a shopping mall, far from the traditional design of the hospitals. This outstanding location makes the hospital near to the people and more friendly to the patients.

A comprehensive focus has been pointed out by Belhoul European Hospital aiming to provide the medical services to individuals and provide the opportunities to the community doctors to utilize its facilities, where there are 20 visiting surgeons using the hospital operating theatre.

The hospital has become an important and effective provider in the medical health sector and committed to the health of community and constantly strives to increase the standard of the medical services.