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The Belhoul European team of doctors provide specialist consulting, diagnostic & treatment services with compassionate care.

Delicate precision is the primary focus of the eye clinic, where detection and correction of vision impairments are provided along with contactlogy and treatment for pediatric eye disorders. Microsurgeries are performed under both local and general anesthesia

22 years of experience and expertise in ophthalmology Sub specialization in squint, strabismus (crossing eyes), blephanoplasty of different lid problems, anterior segment (Cataract, glaucoma, cornea, pterygia), Keronoconus correction, Lachrymal (tearing problems, newborns& infants), Dry eye management

  • Dr. Samir Jamal

    Specialist Ophthalmologist Surgeon

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    Dr. Samir Jamal Specialist Ophthalmologist Surgeon